Electronic Dartboard – What Are The Benefits?

dart board dimensionsDart game is one game that has gain and retains its popularity from being a simple living room game into becoming a public game, played by millions.

Dart has been in existent for over centuries, and the electronic board is a modern innovation to the game.

In the past few years, few transition has come up in the re-invention of the board. From wooden board to magnetic board and now Electronic Dartboard.

The most enjoyable aspect of this modern Electronic Dartboard is the automatic scoring ability. The board has sensors which immediately award scores to each player as the throwing is going on.


Is Electronic Dart Board Safe For Kids

Electronic Dartboard are handy, safe and very affordable and are also for people of all age group. The electronic dartboard are mostly chosen over the traditional dart board and are also considered suitable for both kids and adult because the tip of the dart is of rubber/plastic.

The risk of kids getting injured with this board is unlikely as its safe for them to play with. Even if the kids have a bad throw, there won’t be holes in your walls because the tip of the dart is of plastic.

The traditional dartboard is always taken out of the reach of kids because it’s considered unsafe for them as the dart tip is of steel. If the dart hits anyone, it could cause a severe injury. That’s more reason why the electronic dartboard is safe and handy for kids.


Pros Of Electronic Dart Board

Dart is an indoor game that has many years of existence, and some significant changes have been unfolding in the recent times, like the old cork-surface board to electronic dart board which has been a great success.

Another advantage of electronic dart board is the soft tip of the darts which is considered better and safe, in comparison to the old fashion dart with steel tips. The fact that the tips are of plastic makes it appealing and safe for use by both adult and kids. Parent don’t need to monitor their kids while playing dart game with the electronic dart board because it’s sure they won’t hurt themselves with it.


Placement Of Your Electronic Dart Board

You can decide to place it in your basement or a room cabinet. Also, put into consideration that some shots wont hit the dartboard while mounting your electronic dartboard. These could end in walls which are pepper with holes caused by misfire dart shots.

The only way to avoid such from happening is by placing the dart board on plywood or wooden surface which should double or triple the size of the dartboard. By doing this, misfire shots won’t have any chance of hitting unwanted areas.

The dart board could serve as a piece of decoration in your living room, and you can as well cover it with a fancy and beautiful piece of clothes to add to the beauty.

Popular Dart Question: Fitness and Mental Alertness

Recently we’ve been receiving mails from many readers wanting to know how simple sports like Dart game affect or improves physical fitness, core strength and mental alertness.

They also desire we share any knowledge of natural and safe formula like drops, supplements, powder or pills to enhance this possibility.

First let me tell you that Dart, if taken to higher levels with mental and workouts will enhance your strength and core focus.

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How Do You Hit Bullseye In Darts

Hitting Bulls Eye Dart PlayPlaying darts is very interesting, it is a favorite Friday night activity for lots of men out there, but the art of hitting the bullseye every time is mastered by few.

The game is very amusing, especially since it has a little danger to it – you are throwing a sharp object to hit a very small point.

Of course, practicing makes perfection, but here are some advice that can help you a little bit along the way.

Hold the dart lightly

The fewer fingers you use to hold a dart, the lesser the chance that something will go wrong along the way. Hold it with your thumb and first finger, and let your middle finger rest on the point. The fingers should be on the barrel, don’t make a mistake and hold the flight or shaft.

The rest of the fingers you are not using should be completely relaxed. This way the throwing will be firm. If you curl your fingers in a fist, the throwing would not be precise and the chance of missing the bullseye will increase.

Keep your hand steady, point to the target, you can even lean a little bit over the line but make sure you are stable. Throw the dart with a strong follow through.

Your concentration should be at a high level in order to keep your hand-eye coordination perfect. The moment your concentration starts breaking, you will start missing the bullseye.

Be aware of your body position

The way you stand means a lot when it comes to playing darts. The elbow should be turned towards the dartboard and a little bit up, but don’t think about it too much if you are uncomfortable to be in this position. Find your own perfect way that will work for you.

When you throw the dart keep your body and shoulder stable, only your arm should move.

Make sure you locate the sight line to be able to hit the target precisely. Some players use their thumb, other use the dart. Once you find your magic move, make it regular. Practice aiming with one eye and then the other. See which one is dominant and then aim every time with it. It will significantly increase your chances of being precise.

Professionals advise to slightly snap with the wrist in order to increase acceleration and keep the arm relaxed. This way your throw will be more to the point. Don’t release the arm immediately after you the dart is on its way, keep it in the air for a second or two to follow through.

Choose quality board

Playing with cheap boards is not as satisfactory as playing with the quality one since the chance of having your dart bounce is higher. This way your motivation may start falling, because let’s face it – winning gets everyone going and asking for more. No one wants to play and lose constantly.

Learning To Score Bull EyesThis is why is better to invest in a quality board, even though it may be more expensive. It is made of quality materials and the wires are thinner, so fewer darts gets bounced.

This way, your every hit will be more precise and the chance to hit a bullseye is higher. There nothing worse than when the dart hits it and falls off. Giving little extra money can spare you the frustration.

Playing darts is a perfect way to release all the tension that is building up during a week. It is a great leisure time, particularly combined with a beer and couple of friends and with these practical advice it will become even better when you start winning and hitting bulseye every time.

It is hard only until you find a perfect formula, after that everything gets easier and more fun. With these simple tips, the success is almost guaranteed. Exercise a little bit and give these techniques a try.…

The Right Ways To Choose The Right Kind Of Darts

There are so many kinds of darts available on the market that it is easy to get confused about which will be the best set for your needs. The first thing to check about the darts is the material with which they are made up of. The common kinds of material used are wooden, brass, nickel, silver and tungsten. Among these, the one most commonly used by the professionals are tungsten darts. The tungsten ones are long lasting as compared to the brass and nickel ones. The brass and nickel ones wear down easily by skin oils and friction.


The weight is another factor to consider as most of the darts weigh from 12 to 50 grams. The players do not generally use darts that are heavier than 30 grams, but the professional organizations allow the weight of up to 50 grams.


The simple rule applies when choosing the weight of the darts. The faster you throw, the lighter dart you should get. In some darts, the weight is mainly towards the front of the dart, and in some others, the weight is towards the end of the darts.


You can try both of them to know which one works best for your game. The gripping of the darts is the equally important thing to consider as some of them come with heavy knurling and some with smooth knurling.

The heavier the knurling is, the easier it is to hold the dart. In gripping also, it is important to know which one feels the best.

The Budget And The Right Ways To Hold The Dart

When a player picks up darts for the first time, they hold it like a pencil. You must check the way you hold a dart when you are throwing. Finding the right set of darts is made easier if you can think of how you hold a dart. You must try holding a dart in a number of ways before you go ahead to shop for the darts. If you are someone who holds the darts towards the front, then a front-loaded dart will be the best choice for you. If you hold the dart towards the back, then you must get a set of back-loaded darts.

There are also evenly-weighted darts for people who hold their dart in the middle. The budget is another most important consideration when you are going ahead to buy a new pair of darts. There are darts available for the least price too, and the ones that come in a premium range from the brands inevitably cost more. You can go for the costlier ones if you are a pro at the game.



The beginners can go with the less costly ones than the professionals. No matter what price or brand that you choose, you must always check the quality that you are going for. There is a wide range of quality available at both low and high prices.

Check the other specifications like weight, feel and more in the price range that you have selected. You are sure to find one that is the best fit for your needs.

blue poison dart frog

Guide on How to Set up a Dart Frog Vivarium

Poison dart frogs need to be housed on a tropical vivarium. Aside from being their home, a vivarium also makes your dart frog stand out as their colors combine well with the tropical plants and structures inside it. dart frogTheir small bodies also enable them to avoid trampling those small plants and they also give off a minimum amount of waste.

A vivarium will surely be the best place for your dart frog to live. Here are the steps you need to do for you to create one.

Basic Set Up

A vertical vivarium is perfect for dart frogs because they are arboreal. Glass terrariums maintain the humidity, warmth and moisture inside. A hood that is tight and escape proof, together with a bright light will maintain the safety of your frog and retain the moisture as well. There is also a vivarium that has a false bottom for you to clean it easily.

Heat and Light

A good vivarium should have a UVB full spectrum fluorescent light. A vivarium which has no indirect natural sunlight requires a 12-hour light cycling together with 12 hours of darkness each day. Otherwise, use only the light for 2 to 4 hours each day. You should also not place your vivarium in direct sunlight as it can make your vivarium overheat. You must maintain a temperature of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in daylight.

Marine Features

Your dart frog needs humidity within 80 to 100 percent. You can make this possible by putting a waterfall or a fog machine inside. If ever any fungus shows up on your vivarium, you must lower down the humidity levels until the fungus clears up. Your vivarium must also have a narrow pool of water that must be changed constantly. For better moisture monitoring, a hydrometer could be a great help.poison dart frog vivarium setup

Real, Live Plants

To beautify your vivarium, you can place plants such as ferns, orchids, mosses, bromeliads and heliconia inside. Ferns do not have any roots and it ca be also planted in any kinds of substrate. However, plants with roots will need a layer of gravel with some pesticide on top, plus soil without any fertilizer. Don’t worry as plants inside your vivarium won’t need to be watered regularly because of the high levels of humidity.


The arboreal nature of dart frogs will require you to put decors inside your vivarium which they can use to cling on. Premade backings can be also a great way to decorate your vivarium. There are also logs, branches and rocks to emulate your dart frog’s natural habitat. All of the decorations you will need is available on your nearest pet stores.

Having a dart frog as a pet can be quite exotic yet enjoyable. Follow this guide and you can surely build a good vivarium for your dart frog. Good luck and happy building!…

dart blocks

Knowing the Parts and Functions of Your Dart

dart board matEvery single dart has four main parts namely:

  • The point or tip.
  • Barrel.
  • Shaft.
  • Flight.


Each part has its own function and can transform the general performance of a dart. Knowing the roles of each part of the dart will help you find the best set of darts for your playing style and help you improve your game. For a better understanding of the dart, here is a breakdown of each part of a dart as well as their functions.

The Point.

There are two types of dart points – soft tip and steel tip.

Most people are familiar with steel points or tips as they are used in virtually all dart games. Steel tips have about a quarter an inch of retractable points. When the dart hits the board, it is the dart tip or point that penetrates into the board. Its penetration allows the dart to make good contact with the dartboard and reduces the possibility of a bounce-out. Soft dart points are often used in electronic scoreboards.

The Barrel.

This is the part of the dart that you hold when throwing your dart. They are produced in numerous different styles and weights and are normally made up of tungsten, steel or brass.

Barrels are available in four basic shapes namely:

  • Centre-weight.
  • Straight.
  • Bomb.
  • Torpedo.

The Shaft.

The primary function of a shaft is connecting the barrel to the flight. A few shafts have a ring on one end to allow the rotation of the flight darts shops near mewhen it comes close to another dart on the board. This also allows for tighter groupings and minimizes the possibility of bounce-outs.

The Flight.

Just as the feathers of an arrow help keep it in place during its trajectory, the flight of a dart also executes the same function.

Dart flights can be obtained in various sizes and shapes. Bigger dart flights not only possess higher stability of trajectory, but they also have much more air resistance compared to small flights.

Some of the different shapes of flights are; axis, fantail, standard, pear, kite, combat, heart, v-wing, vortex, slim among many others.

best way to throw darts

How Nodor Dartboards Changed The Face Of The Game.

Nodor DartboardDarts, as a game, became prominent just before World War I and was available in several pubs around the United Kingdom. There is no way to establish when darts came into being because many versions of the game are pointed out throughout history.

As a modern interpretation, however, it may be traced back to the early 20th century. For an apparently simple game, darts and dartboards needed quite a lot of maintenance.

At the end of each day the dartboard, initially made from wood, needed to be soaked to ensure that the holes made by the darts to heel and allowed to dry out before it was used again. The demand for the game and maintenance of the board and darts developed a serious challenge for pub owners, but Nodor moved in swiftly to handle the situation.

popular dart gamesSo, How Did Nodor Change The Face of The Game?

Nodor, a clay modelling company, found a method of changing the way in which darts was played and to this very day, they are acknowledged with altering the overall game of darts using their dart boards.

Experiencing the challenge of maintaining dart boards, they got down to find a way of making a board that did not need serious routine maintenance.

The initial motivation for Nodor dartboards had been their modelling clay, nevertheless, it was poorly received. Recovery and moulding difficulties made the dart boards hard to play on, even though they were much easier to maintain.

The company initially depended on their modelling clay for inspiration. However, they eventually decided upon sisal fibres to produce the Nodor dartboards. Sisal fibres were assembled collectively and compacted into a disk to achieve the feel and look like timber, but as opposed to wood, the fibres easily parted once the dart entered the board and recovered itself immediately the dart was removed.

After the First World Wnodor sportcraft dartboardar, Nodor dartboards became popular and the company went ahead to produce more dartboards and darts often paired as a set.

Nodor dartboards and products are still popular in many homes and pubs around the world although the company’s products have a big market in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The boards are made from sisal fibres whereas the darts tips are made of steel or tungsten. The dart’s tip made from steel can easily pierce through the fibres without make big holes that need a lot of time to maintain.

In conclusion, Nodor dart boards brought about easy maintenance of the boards and consequently increased the amount of time that the game could be played, hence, making it more popular.…

Dart Throwing: 4 Tips On How Choose Dart Grip For Accurate Throw

Dart Board

  1.   Thumb And Four fingers

The smallest finger is made to rest on the top of the dart tip or at the bottom to create room for maximum acceleration. This provides excellent touch on the dart and also help with accurate throwing and focus target.

However, all fingers are not needed for throwing a dart because it could result in your throw not being specific. Throwing with all four fingers could cause your throw to divert or causes over power to the dart.


  1. Thumb And Three fingers

This dart grip technique is known to give your dart throwing more control over the dart when acceleration is taking place. It will also give you more authority over the placement of the dart. However, similarly to the four fingers technique, this technique could also make you misfire by the third finger grip.


  1. Thumb And Two fingers

Two fingers and a thumb technique require fewer finger in the course of throwing your dart. It makes you have a great throw as there is no much finger to get on your way.

In case you notice your dart flutters or snap clumsily in the course of your throw, move your thumb a bit backward to the middle-weight of the dart so you can have more control over the dart. Most professional dart throwers use this technique in competition or at any giving time.


          4. Thumb And One finger

This dart grip is similar to holding a writing pen. Most of the dart player that uses this technique also allows the dart to rest on the edge of their second finger for assistance.

It also reduces the touch points of the dart barrel at the cost of power over the dart. This dart grip technique is instrumental in performing excellently well in dart throwing game. Due to the nature of this grip for an accurate throw, it could take some time to perfect it and record success in the long run.


Best Ways to Differentiate Quality Dart Board From Inferior Ones

QUALITY DART BOARDPlaying darts is a very interesting and addicting game, especially once you start hitting the bullseye. It will make you want more and more.

At some point, you may start wishing to play at home with your friends when you have some free time and spare a dollar or two.

In this case, having a dartboard of your own can truly be convenient and enjoying the accrued benefits.

However, there are lots of brands and a very rich offer of dartboards on the market, so looking at the material it is made of is a great indicator whether the purchase will be good or not.

Look at the material it is made of

The most frequent dartboard you will encounter is the one with bristles. What is so special about them is that when the dart is removed, the hole it made closes. It is pretty simply made – the backing board is covered with sisal fibers that are compressed.

The quality dartboard can be recognized by the way these sisal fibers are more tightly placed, so it won’t wear off quickly. It will endure many, many hits with a dart and this is exactly the essential factor when looking for a perfect dartboard.

Electronic dart boards are becoming more and more popular because the way they are built. Its surface with a target is covered with many small holes and every time you hit a number, it gets recorded automatically. Besides, the targets are bigger than on regular ones, which make it much easier to hit the desired number. This is especially appreciated by new players.

Very rarely, one can find a classic wooden dartboard and they are very durable but are not very popular when compared to the ones previously mentioned. There are also magnetic dartboards, but these are not for serious players.

Check out the price

There are so many dartboards on the market and one can get pretty lost when trying to buy one that will be perfect. The price is a great indicator of the quality in most cases. The materials are better, the bristles are tighter and the quality of the overall game increases.

However, the budget you set and are ready to invest is a great factor. Determine the value and the quality that is good according to the frequency you wish to play. There is certainly no need to buy the best and the most expensive one if you wish to play once in a while.

Taking all the factors into consideration will give you a clear idea of what kind of dartboard to buy. Choose a dartboard that will be durable, reliable and won’t cause your dart to bounce every time you hit the target.

In most stores, you may be able to try once how it behaves when playing. Hit a target once or twice and the feel you have when playing will help you make a choice. When you do decide, buy it and the fun can begin!…

All Of The Major Health Benefits Of Playing Darts Regularly

Major Health Benefits Of Playing Darts Regularly

Playing darts has several health benefits apart from being a game of major enjoyment and relaxation. The first and foremost health benefit of darting is that it improves hand-eye coordination.Hitting The Bulls EyePlaying Dart Well

You locate the target, ready your dart and keep your shoulder and elbow in the straight line to finally shoot the dart.

All of this acutely improves the hand-eye coordination of a player.

The other mental benefit is the improvement of concentration and calming of the mind. Since you need a lot of focus in playing of the darts and this has a calming effect on your mind. The power of your brain is significantly improved by regularly playing the game.

You will see that you will be able to improve your mental retaining capacity and the ability of your brain to deduct easier than before. The muscles of the hand are strengthening by the regular playing, and also it helps in the improvement of posture.

The wrong posture is the cause of many illnesses and thanks to the game you get to have a grip on the postures while standing and sitting. The range of motion at work while throwing off the darts also improves the flexibility of the body.