Dart Throwing: 4 Tips On How Choose Dart Grip For Accurate Throw

Dart Board

  1.   Thumb And Four fingers

The smallest finger is made to rest on the top of the dart tip or at the bottom to create room for maximum acceleration. This provides excellent touch on the dart and also help with accurate throwing and focus target.

However, all fingers are not needed for throwing a dart because it could result in your throw not being specific. Throwing with all four fingers could cause your throw to divert or causes over power to the dart.


  1. Thumb And Three fingers

This dart grip technique is known to give your dart throwing more control over the dart when acceleration is taking place. It will also give you more authority over the placement of the dart. However, similarly to the four fingers technique, this technique could also make you misfire by the third finger grip.


  1. Thumb And Two fingers

Two fingers and a thumb technique require fewer finger in the course of throwing your dart. It makes you have a great throw as there is no much finger to get on your way.

In case you notice your dart flutters or snap clumsily in the course of your throw, move your thumb a bit backward to the middle-weight of the dart so you can have more control over the dart. Most professional dart throwers use this technique in competition or at any giving time.


          4. Thumb And One finger

This dart grip is similar to holding a writing pen. Most of the dart player that uses this technique also allows the dart to rest on the edge of their second finger for assistance.

It also reduces the touch points of the dart barrel at the cost of power over the dart. This dart grip technique is instrumental in performing excellently well in dart throwing game. Due to the nature of this grip for an accurate throw, it could take some time to perfect it and record success in the long run.