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Knowing the Parts and Functions of Your Dart

dart board matEvery single dart has four main parts namely:

  • The point or tip.
  • Barrel.
  • Shaft.
  • Flight.


Each part has its own function and can transform the general performance of a dart. Knowing the roles of each part of the dart will help you find the best set of darts for your playing style and help you improve your game. For a better understanding of the dart, here is a breakdown of each part of a dart as well as their functions.

The Point.

There are two types of dart points – soft tip and steel tip.

Most people are familiar with steel points or tips as they are used in virtually all dart games. Steel tips have about a quarter an inch of retractable points. When the dart hits the board, it is the dart tip or point that penetrates into the board. Its penetration allows the dart to make good contact with the dartboard and reduces the possibility of a bounce-out. Soft dart points are often used in electronic scoreboards.

The Barrel.

This is the part of the dart that you hold when throwing your dart. They are produced in numerous different styles and weights and are normally made up of tungsten, steel or brass.

Barrels are available in four basic shapes namely:

  • Centre-weight.
  • Straight.
  • Bomb.
  • Torpedo.

The Shaft.

The primary function of a shaft is connecting the barrel to the flight. A few shafts have a ring on one end to allow the rotation of the flight darts shops near mewhen it comes close to another dart on the board. This also allows for tighter groupings and minimizes the possibility of bounce-outs.

The Flight.

Just as the feathers of an arrow help keep it in place during its trajectory, the flight of a dart also executes the same function.

Dart flights can be obtained in various sizes and shapes. Bigger dart flights not only possess higher stability of trajectory, but they also have much more air resistance compared to small flights.

Some of the different shapes of flights are; axis, fantail, standard, pear, kite, combat, heart, v-wing, vortex, slim among many others.