How Do You Hit Bullseye In Darts

Hitting Bulls Eye Dart PlayPlaying darts is very interesting, it is a favorite Friday night activity for lots of men out there, but the art of hitting the bullseye every time is mastered by few.

The game is very amusing, especially since it has a little danger to it – you are throwing a sharp object to hit a very small point.

Of course, practicing makes perfection, but here are some advice that can help you a little bit along the way.

Hold the dart lightly

The fewer fingers you use to hold a dart, the lesser the chance that something will go wrong along the way. Hold it with your thumb and first finger, and let your middle finger rest on the point. The fingers should be on the barrel, don’t make a mistake and hold the flight or shaft.

The rest of the fingers you are not using should be completely relaxed. This way the throwing will be firm. If you curl your fingers in a fist, the throwing would not be precise and the chance of missing the bullseye will increase.

Keep your hand steady, point to the target, you can even lean a little bit over the line but make sure you are stable. Throw the dart with a strong follow through.

Your concentration should be at a high level in order to keep your hand-eye coordination perfect. The moment your concentration starts breaking, you will start missing the bullseye.

Be aware of your body position

The way you stand means a lot when it comes to playing darts. The elbow should be turned towards the dartboard and a little bit up, but don’t think about it too much if you are uncomfortable to be in this position. Find your own perfect way that will work for you.

When you throw the dart keep your body and shoulder stable, only your arm should move.

Make sure you locate the sight line to be able to hit the target precisely. Some players use their thumb, other use the dart. Once you find your magic move, make it regular. Practice aiming with one eye and then the other. See which one is dominant and then aim every time with it. It will significantly increase your chances of being precise.

Professionals advise to slightly snap with the wrist in order to increase acceleration and keep the arm relaxed. This way your throw will be more to the point. Don’t release the arm immediately after you the dart is on its way, keep it in the air for a second or two to follow through.

Choose quality board

Playing with cheap boards is not as satisfactory as playing with the quality one since the chance of having your dart bounce is higher. This way your motivation may start falling, because let’s face it – winning gets everyone going and asking for more. No one wants to play and lose constantly.

Learning To Score Bull EyesThis is why is better to invest in a quality board, even though it may be more expensive. It is made of quality materials and the wires are thinner, so fewer darts gets bounced.

This way, your every hit will be more precise and the chance to hit a bullseye is higher. There nothing worse than when the dart hits it and falls off. Giving little extra money can spare you the frustration.

Playing darts is a perfect way to release all the tension that is building up during a week. It is a great leisure time, particularly combined with a beer and couple of friends and with these practical advice it will become even better when you start winning and hitting bulseye every time.

It is hard only until you find a perfect formula, after that everything gets easier and more fun. With these simple tips, the success is almost guaranteed. Exercise a little bit and give these techniques a try.