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How Nodor Dartboards Changed The Face Of The Game.

Nodor DartboardDarts, as a game, became prominent just before World War I and was available in several pubs around the United Kingdom. There is no way to establish when darts came into being because many versions of the game are pointed out throughout history.

As a modern interpretation, however, it may be traced back to the early 20th century. For an apparently simple game, darts and dartboards needed quite a lot of maintenance.

At the end of each day the dartboard, initially made from wood, needed to be soaked to ensure that the holes made by the darts to heel and allowed to dry out before it was used again. The demand for the game and maintenance of the board and darts developed a serious challenge for pub owners, but Nodor moved in swiftly to handle the situation.

popular dart gamesSo, How Did Nodor Change The Face of The Game?

Nodor, a clay modelling company, found a method of changing the way in which darts was played and to this very day, they are acknowledged with altering the overall game of darts using their dart boards.

Experiencing the challenge of maintaining dart boards, they got down to find a way of making a board that did not need serious routine maintenance.

The initial motivation for Nodor dartboards had been their modelling clay, nevertheless, it was poorly received. Recovery and moulding difficulties made the dart boards hard to play on, even though they were much easier to maintain.

The company initially depended on their modelling clay for inspiration. However, they eventually decided upon sisal fibres to produce the Nodor dartboards. Sisal fibres were assembled collectively and compacted into a disk to achieve the feel and look like timber, but as opposed to wood, the fibres easily parted once the dart entered the board and recovered itself immediately the dart was removed.

After the First World Wnodor sportcraft dartboardar, Nodor dartboards became popular and the company went ahead to produce more dartboards and darts often paired as a set.

Nodor dartboards and products are still popular in many homes and pubs around the world although the company’s products have a big market in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The boards are made from sisal fibres whereas the darts tips are made of steel or tungsten. The dart’s tip made from steel can easily pierce through the fibres without make big holes that need a lot of time to maintain.

In conclusion, Nodor dart boards brought about easy maintenance of the boards and consequently increased the amount of time that the game could be played, hence, making it more popular.