The Right Ways To Choose The Right Kind Of Darts

There are so many kinds of darts available on the market that it is easy to get confused about which will be the best set for your needs. The first thing to check about the darts is the material with which they are made up of. The common kinds of material used are wooden, brass, nickel, silver and tungsten. Among these, the one most commonly used by the professionals are tungsten darts. The tungsten ones are long lasting as compared to the brass and nickel ones. The brass and nickel ones wear down easily by skin oils and friction.


The weight is another factor to consider as most of the darts weigh from 12 to 50 grams. The players do not generally use darts that are heavier than 30 grams, but the professional organizations allow the weight of up to 50 grams.


The simple rule applies when choosing the weight of the darts. The faster you throw, the lighter dart you should get. In some darts, the weight is mainly towards the front of the dart, and in some others, the weight is towards the end of the darts.


You can try both of them to know which one works best for your game. The gripping of the darts is the equally important thing to consider as some of them come with heavy knurling and some with smooth knurling.

The heavier the knurling is, the easier it is to hold the dart. In gripping also, it is important to know which one feels the best.

The Budget And The Right Ways To Hold The Dart

When a player picks up darts for the first time, they hold it like a pencil. You must check the way you hold a dart when you are throwing. Finding the right set of darts is made easier if you can think of how you hold a dart. You must try holding a dart in a number of ways before you go ahead to shop for the darts. If you are someone who holds the darts towards the front, then a front-loaded dart will be the best choice for you. If you hold the dart towards the back, then you must get a set of back-loaded darts.

There are also evenly-weighted darts for people who hold their dart in the middle. The budget is another most important consideration when you are going ahead to buy a new pair of darts. There are darts available for the least price too, and the ones that come in a premium range from the brands inevitably cost more. You can go for the costlier ones if you are a pro at the game.



The beginners can go with the less costly ones than the professionals. No matter what price or brand that you choose, you must always check the quality that you are going for. There is a wide range of quality available at both low and high prices.

Check the other specifications like weight, feel and more in the price range that you have selected. You are sure to find one that is the best fit for your needs.